The Man with the Golden Pen

Looking out of his window as the rain lashed down during one of those grey austerity-ridden days in post war Britain, he made two of the biggest decisions of his life;

  • never to spend winter in England again;
  • to write the spy story to end all spy stories.”
  • And that is exactly what Ian Fleming did.
  • It is 1952 and Fleming is putting the finishing touches to the first Bond book, Casino Royale and Bond is with us; the alter ego, an icon of class and everything Fleming aspired to...

The creator of Secret Agent 007, stands before the audience with a Martini in hand and a terrified look in his eyes. At 42 he is about to do the thing he most fears - he is getting married.
Who does he turn to for help?     Bond.     James Bond.

Dates & Times

Saturday 05 February 2022 at 19:45