Paris Tales

Paris Tales is set in one of those delightful little cafés, not far from the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  It is the regular rendezvous for four writers who meet and chat over a glass of wine at the tables outside the cafe in the Paris sunshine.  The writers have had varying degrees of success with their work and each writes in a different genre.  As usual they are enjoying the sunshine, laughing and teasing each other, when a young romantic couple arrive and sit at another table.  When the pretty girl goes inside the café, and is rather a long time, the writers each begin to speculate as to just what might be delaying her.  Letting their collective imaginations run wild we see four quite different scenarios unfold.  But which writer is righter?  Written in a delightful light-hearted and amusing way, Paris Tales provides a most enjoyable piece of escapism, sending the audience members home with a contented smile on their faces.
Tickets £8 to £10

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