Twelfth Night

Don't you want me Baby?” Duke Orsino croons to the lamplight in a Soho alleyway, and that much is true. Olivia doesn't want him. She instead falls for the beautiful young man Duke Orsino sends with words of love to woo her. Unfortunately for Olivia, the young man, Cesario, is not only a refugee fleeing his homeland, He is also a She called Viola.Confused? But she's crazy for you. And has lost that loving feeling for Duke Orsino's tainted love.

Meanwhile the Rt Hon. Saatobia Belch is having wild days and wilder nights with her dear old friend Fabian who idolises Franky Howard, and her beautiful young assistant Maria. All the drinks are paid for by Sir Andrew, the stupidest boy in the class- but oh so rich. Malvolio the Steward scowls on.

Set in New Romantic Soho this production features several of the youngest members of Thame Players to reflect the impetuosity and bravery of the youthful lovers. It uses modern costumes and settings to illuminate the wonders of this brilliant Shakespeare comedy about despair, hope and love at first sight. The text shines through this fast paced romp giving us some of the greatest poetry and most hilarious comic moments ever seen on the English Stage.

It is a joy from the first chord to the last kiss.

Tickets £10 to £12

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