Audition Notice

Published 21 Feb 2023

Monday, 27th February and Wednesday, 1st March at 7:30pm at The Players Theatre

Tom Jones from the novel/s by Henry Fielding & adapted by Joan Macalpine - Directed by Colin Lee

The classic play Tom Jones is rich, ripe and rowdy. Tom, Squire Allworthy's adopted son, falls victim to the charms of one rustic wench after another until, at last, the Squire grows tired of the trouble he causes and sends him off to cause it elsewhere. Then Tom becomes entangled with three women at once: Jenny Waters, a lady of warm heart and generous virtue; Mrs Fitzpatrick, a society lady seeking diversion from her oafish husband, and Sophia Western, whom Tom truly loves.

This is a fun, bawdy romp with many characters larger than life. 


There are fifteen cast members; eight men and seven women with a range of ages.

There are possibilities for some double parts and/or extras. e.g., The Doctor from Act I could play Falamar in Act III. 

  • Tom Jones: A young man with a good heart who means well but has a weakness for women, helped by his looks and gallantry. A loveable rogue.
  • Allworthy: Benevolent, altruistic, respected gentleman. A good, kind, fair man who often doesn’t see the bad side of others. Raised Tom as his own. 
  • Western: A grumpy, larger-than-life country landowner with a blustery, bullying, oafish manner. Allworthy’s neighbour and father of Sophia, Tom’s true love. A comic character with a strong West Country accent.
  • Sophia: Much loved and protected daughter of Squire Western, who tries to follow her own desires while being influenced by her father’s wishes.
  • Blifil: Slightly younger than Tom, Blifil is Allworthy’s late sister’s son. Also raised by Allworthy, he appears to be a virtuous gentleman but is only out for himself. Tom and he were raised like brothers but are opposites in character.
  • Thwackum: Tom and Bliful’s tutor who always favours Blifil over Tom. Full of religious piety but is as greedy as Blifil.
  • Molly: Young daughter of BlackGeorge Seagrim, Allworthy’s gamekeeper. Of low morals, out for what she can get. Also, one of Tom’s weaknesses.
  • Honour: Sophia Western’s maid. (Could also be a bystander in Act III)
  • Doctor/Constable: Allworthy’s doctorDouble as Constable in Act III. The Constable is also the cheery gaoler/hangman.
  • Susan: Inn maid at Upton. Similar character to Molly, but nowhere near as cheerful. Could be any age. (Could also be a bystander in Act III)
  • Mrs Waters: A woman old enough to be Tom’s mother.
  • Mrs Fitzpatrick: A woman escaping her brutish husband, Captain Fitzpatrick. An old-school friend of Sophia.
  • Betty: Mrs Fitzpatrick’s maid. (Could also be a bystander in Act III)
  • Captain Fitzpatrick: Irish husband of Mrs FitzpatrickClaims to be a gentleman but is prone to violence.
  • Fellamar: A gentleman suitor of Sophia’sPossibly slimy, at best, obsequious.
  • Andrews & a Manservant
  • Various Bystanders: Witnesses, played by actors from earlier scenes or extras.

Rehearsals: Tuesday and Thursday evenings from May 16

Performance dates: 11th - 15th July 2023