Thame Players’ shows are brighter thanks to support of local law firm

Published 13 Dec 2022

New brighter lighting has been installed at the Players Theatre just in time for this year’s pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk. This has been made possible thanks to funding from Thame Players’ sponsor, local law firm Lightfoots Solicitors.

The new lights are a lot brighter than the old ones due to improved optics and they use less energy, which means they are more environmentally efficient. They also produce less heat as the wattage is significantly lower than the old lights, they’re lighter, more flexible, and easier to maintain. 

Joe Middleton, managing partner of Lightfoots, said, “We’re delighted that our sponsorship this year is being used to enhance the lighting at the Players Theatre, Thame’s only dedicated theatrical and cinema venue. We are pleased to support Thame Players in this way, helping them to make technical improvements that ensure shows are better lit and create more impact for audiences. I am also delighted to announce that we will be extending our sponsorship of Thame Players in 2023, helping to ensure the theatre’s long-term survival as a a popular and valued cultural resource in the town.”

Steve Lambell, co-director of this year’s pantomime and a Thame Players trustee, said, “Lightfoots’ financial support is very welcome as we upgrade our lighting. Not only will shows be much better-lit, audiences will be more comfortable too, because the new lights dissipate heat rather than concentrating it over the audience’ heads. Pantomime audiences will be the first to benefit from the new lighting, but we’re looking forward to it enhancing future performances of both in-house productions and visiting shows.”