Live Streaming Event FAQs

Immediately following your registration, your access link will be emailed to you from a company called Crowdcast. Simply click this link when you’re ready to enter the event’s “Virtual Lobby”. You can view the event through your web browser on desktops, laptops, Android and iOS or with the Crowdcast iOS app. The Virtual Lobby is open from now until showtime, but additional interactive features such as chat will be activated when the “house opens” 30 minutes prior to showtime. You will also receive another email containing the access link 10 minutes before the show.
No. When you reserve your virtual ticket, you do so for a specific date. However if you have bought a ticket for a live event you will also be able to watch that recording after the performance for as long as it is available. The length of time will vary depending on the show, so check the event for details.
If more than one performance is being streamed and you need to exchange to a different performance, either before your show, or after a missed show, just email us at and we will exchange your ticket free of charge.
The Crowdcast platform is entirely web-based and does not require any installations. It runs on desktops and laptops on most modern browsers (although Chrome is preferred), on Android using Chrome or Firefox and on iOS either through a browser or app downloaded through the App store. (see Crowdcast’s Attendee Quick Reference Guide)
Watching our events live online is like watching a theatre performance in person, so you won’t be able to rewind a live stream broadcast if you arrive late. If you choose to pause, when playing is resumed you will automatically skip ahead to the current moment in the performance (rather than from the point you paused).
However, if you are watching the replay after the live event has finished you will be able to catch up and watch the performance again with the options to pause and rewind.

We know you’re not in the theatre space, but you can do some things to increase your viewing pleasure!

Make sure you have a strong internet connection. If able, connect via Ethernet cable directly to your internet router. If on WiFi, make sure your signal is strong and you are not too far from your router. You can run an internet speed test here (Crowdcast recommends at least 5MB/s speeds). Try to minimize other internet usage on your network such as online gaming, video streaming and video meetings in other rooms.

While the show can be accessed on a mobile device, we recommend watching the show on a larger screen laptop or desktop, especially if viewing with more than one person. Go full screen (on Windows usually F11). If you’re feeling adventurous, think about connecting your device to your TV!

Set up your device somewhere where you can get comfortable. In your living room or by your couch. Make sure you can see the screen well.

Make sure to plug in your device for power. We wouldn’t want your battery to die mid-performance!

There may be some extra interactivity such as polls, Q&As and chat, so make sure you can access your device in case you want to join in the fun. Grab a snack, dim the lights, get comfortable and enjoy the show!

This new medium involves a lot of technology between the actors and you. We appreciate your patience in case we run into any technical difficulties. If you do run into issues, we recommend you refresh your browser first. If for whatever reason, you lose connection entirely, you can always log back in on any device (including your phone) to continue viewing.

Navigate to to register for access to our live stream events. Pick the performance and click “Save my spot!”. The system will ask you for some information and then process your payment. Once your registration is complete, you will automatically be entered into the Virtual Lobby. Unless you are registering right before the actual show, you can close this window. You will also immediately receive an email with your access link which you can use on the night of the event, and will also receive another reminder email 10 minutes before showtime with the same access link.
Tickets are priced the same as for in-theatre tickets. Even in a live stream capacity, there are costs associated with putting on a production and maintaining a production company. We appreciate your contributions, so we can continue our mission to provide good quality entertainment.
We are using Crowdcast to broadcast. Crowdcast is a live video platform designed originally for webinars, Q&As, courses and conferences.
No, we are broadcasting through Crowdcast, not Facebook. You just need an email address to register and a device to participate in the event.
Yes, but this will be taken care of automatically when you register. You will provide your email address when registering and will receive an email with an access link. You can use this link from your email to log in for the event, or if you go to the event directly first, when you sign in to Crowdcast, it will ask for your email again to send you a new access link. The system may also ask if you want to add a password to save that step.
Tickets are not purchased per seat as in traditional theatre, but rather per stream, or per device. You can only purchase one stream per email login, as your access to the performance will be tied to your login. If you need to register for multiple streams or devices, you will need to use one email address per stream/device you want. Return to the performance registration page at If you click on the menu in the top left, if you are still logged in with the previous email address, you should see a “Logout” option at the bottom. Click “Logout” so you can register again with a new email address. For example, if you want access on two devices (2 streams), you will need to complete the registration process using 2 different email addresses.
When considering whether to stream an event, we first of all have to look at any licencing restrictions placed upon us by the copyright holders and at the digital recording rights currently in place. This means that (for instance) we are unable to stream any Agatha Christie work, or any music licenced by Walt Disney, or created by Abba. We are also unable to stream any part of the musical "Grease". A second consideration is whether, given the complexity of a particular show, we will have technical staff available with the skills. We are a small volunteer team but are always looking for new members to train in various technical skills. So do think about joining us if you live near Thame, Oxfordshire.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to